Development of processes, insulation materials, building materials, and components at the interface of noise protection and energy efficiency


The energy-efficient renovation of old buildings is an important goal of the climate protection conference and can make an enormous contribution to saving CO2.


Dr. Peter A. Hecker

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ZIM-Cooperation Network

This important aspect should not be considered separately in the network from other building renovation measures. In particular, the aspect of noise protection is to be included in the building renovation with regard to building materials and processes to be developed in order to be able to offer complex technical solutions in the vicinity of large infrastructure projects such as airports, railway lines or trunk roads.

The development of processes, building materials and components with a high degree of prefabrication, together with the development of the digital mapping of construction and renovation processes, should contribute to the cost-effective renovation or subsequent qualification of buildings in the sense of the passive house standard. As a result, integral passive houses are to be created from conventional buildings.

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