As a network management institution, we organize long-term collaboration and support our partners in formulating and implementing joint R&D projects aimed at marketable, technology-based solutions.
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Cluster management and innovation consulting

Promoting innovation

In the globalized competition for innovations and new technologies, we see ourselves as a promoter, partner and service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises. The market volume of the geoinformation industry in Germany is estimated by the Federal Government Commissioner for Information Technology at a total of 40 billion euros per year. The Berlin/Brandenburg knowledge region is characterized by an excellent research environment and offers outstanding locational advantages for entrepreneurial activities in this field. With approximately 2.000 companies operating here – the majority of which are SMEs – the capital region forms a particularly innovative cluster in the geo-information industry.
GEOkomm uses this dynamic environment and its long experience in the management of innovation networks to support companies in research and development processes.

Innovative together

For small and medium-sized companies initiating R&D projects exists a considerable financial risk. In the network, partners share fixed costs incurred, have better access to external funding opportunities and benefit from our expert network management.

We think ahead strategically to future developments and bring companies together with suitable research institutions within the framework of ZIM cooperation networks. With the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM), Germany’s federal government promotes cooperation on innovative products, processes or technical services in a technologically or regionally oriented network or along the value chain. As a network management institution, we organize longterm collaboration and support our partners in formulating and implementing joint R&D projects aimed at marketable, technology-based solutions.

Excellent network    

GEOkomm is one of 130 European cluster organizations that has been awarded the silver excellence label by the European Secretariat of Cluster Analysis (ESCA). For the certification, the association has to demonstrate competencies in various (“excellence”) areas. These range from the quality of the cluster management and its strategic orientation to the degree of interaction of the cluster stakeholders and the goals achieved to date. At the beginning of 2021, GEOkomm’s work was once again confirmed with recertification by the independent audit.

The professional support of GEOkomm significantly increases your chances of success that an applied R&D project will actually be funded. With our support, more than 90 percent of our network partners’ applications successfully reach their goal.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining one of our networks or would like to contribute your own ideas.

The Team

Shaping the future together

Innovation is teamwork. We bring people, companies, know-how and ideas together, combine forces and use synergy potentials to advance individual players as well as the economy and society as a whole. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us.

Dr. Peter A. Hecker
Chairman of the Board

Andreas Fricke
Managing Director

Isabelle Uhlig
Network & Innovation Manager

Dr. Silva Fischer
Network & Innovation Manager
Matthias Richter
Network & Innovation Manager

Ralf Ryter
Network & Innovation Manager
Jürgen Bund
Network & Innovation Manager
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Innovation / Network Manager
For almost 20 years, GEOkomm has been contributing to the growth and innovative development of the geoinformation industry in Germany’s capital region as the Berlin-Brandenburg business association.

The Board

GEOkomm e.V.

Dr. Peter A. Hecker (Vorsitzender)
GEOkomm e.V. |

Uwe Krause (Stellvertreter)
Geo-Office Gesellschaft für graphische Datenverarbeitung und Vermessung mbH

Holger Bronsch