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The topic is currently characterized by isolated solutions. To change this requires, due to the content and temporal scope of the tasks to be mastered, an interdisciplinary cooperation of different disciplines and groups of actors from science, business, and the public.


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ZIM-Cooperation network

The topic of indoor navigation must not be further isolated but must be regarded as part of a multimodal mobility chain from door to door. For this purpose, we want to develop applications, learning systems, frameworks, and interfaces. Our solutions ensure seamless navigation and orientation in public and private spaces.

In the R&D projects to be implemented, MOVIA relies on interface technologies and digitization as well as the preparation and maintenance of pedestrian-relevant, routable geo- and metadata. In particular, the focus is on the alignment and transition of routing from indoor to outdoor and vice versa.

The focus here is on the creation of interoperable structures and services that can be used in a wide range of applications and the development of intuitive forms of presentation on a wide variety of end devices.

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