Aerospace technologies for agriculture


To cope with the increasing pressure from global population growth and climate change, modern agriculture faces major challenges. According to the latest forecasts, agricultural production must double to ensure worldwide food security in 2050.


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At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by two-thirds. Furthermore, there are high societal expectations regarding animal welfare and consumer protection. To achieve these goals in the longer term, agricultural processes must be fundamentally transformed, and natural resources must be used sustainably. Against the backdrop of multiple ecosystem services, digitization enables a new era with a great potential for innovation by optimizing production processes, knowledge-based production and use of natural resources.

In addition, it becomes increasingly important to obtain information on agricultural land and its various parameters with high temporal and spatial resolution of agricultural areas and to monitor them continuously. Geodata and remote sensing data offer particularly high for smart applications in the management of agricultural land. Within the network solutions for increasing production and thus ensuring a supply in line with demand are to be developed. The objectives of agrASpace are to foster cooperation along the value chain and to involve all stakeholders. This is achieved by providing information, the valorization of ecosystem services based on the needs and quality requirements of society, as well as the redesign of agricultural landscape structures.

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