Safety and ease of use of unmanned civil aircraft


The civilian use of UAVs is steadily increasing. This requires the research, testing of new processes, technical procedures/products and generation of services. There is currently a lack of solutions for reliable and safe operation of unmanned civil aircraft (UAVs). We are working on it.


Dr. Klaus Hildebrandt

+ 49 331 27 343 1927

Technological objectives

  • the cooperation network consists of companies and research institutions from all over Germany.
  • Solutions and products for reliable operation of unmanned aerial systems
  • Integration of secure IT systems
  • Providing UAVs for a variety of applications in the civil and commercial sectors

R&D priorities

  • (near-) real-time systems
  • Redundant control units & autopilots
  • Performance
  • Demand-optimized take-offs and landings
  • Monitoring of vulnerable infrastructures

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The network offers

  • Expansion of your Innovation capability
  • Easy access to fundingReduction of R&D costs
  • Support in administrative processing
  • Support in the Development of new markets
  • Network with companies and scientific institutions
Beak Consultants GmbH
div gmbh
Emqopter GmbH
Gemtec GmbH
germandrones GmbH
hema electronic GmbH
IMG Nordhausen
navXperience GmbH
Syrphus GmbH
Third Element Aviation GmbH
FU Berlin
HS Nordhausen
RWTH Aachen
Technische Hochschule Wildau
Technische Universität Berlin-DAI Labor
TH Brandenburg
TU Berlin
Universität Würzburg